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Don’t get much simpler than this…

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The Messiah

Love the hot pink with the mustardy illustration. The dimensional type is great, too.

60s, sixties design, sci-fi, sci fi, science fiction, book cover, sixties type

The slab serif on the spine is cool, even if it’s a bit outta place.

The Messiah, Gore Vidal

The Outsider, 1963

60s, sixties design, book cover, overprint, modern, graphic, abstract

Groovy Marxism

The back says this is actually a detail from a Cuban poster.

60s, sixties design, graphic book cover, book design, cuban poster, stripes design, abstract

Culture and Society

I like how the striped wrap around the spine.

stripes design, 60s, 70s, sixties design, seventies design, book cover, abstract, Pelican books, Penguin books

Greene Penguins

I love the Penguin cover system. Here’s a couple good ones from Graham Greene using pretty different illustrations (by Paul Hogarth) within that same structure.


Penguin books, 60s, 70s, sixties design, seventies, design, book cover

Point Counter Point

I love the screened black and the yellow printing together.

60s, 70s, sixties design, seventies, design, book cover, abstract, square pattern, op art


The Medium is the Massage


What’s fun is looking at it sideways so you can see the face better:


And I usually don’t show the inside, but that’s where this book is best:




100th Monkey

Some subtle overprinting on what looks like a 3-color print job.


Monster Stripes


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