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Mathematics and Logic, 1971

In a similar vein as the Spell of Mathematics in some ways, this is a very different cover. Due largely to the depth and texture of the main image—a painting by Barry Evans.

1971, 70s design, seventies graphics, book cover design, vintage math book.

Painting by Barry Evans, seventies abstract, 70s graphic painting, math.

Painting by Barry Evans.

Wonder if the vaguely occult-like symbol was meant to reflect the “spell.” Designed by Mike Pope.

star, geometric design, 70s design, seventies graphics, pelican book.

star, geometric design, 70s design, seventies graphics, pelican book.

The Night of Wenceslas, 1964

Funny how simple overprinting with (a somewhat cheery) green can become creeeeepy…

wenceslas, mystery book cover, 60s design, sixties graphic design


Cover photos by Jean-Luc Blanc.

What this design is saying about the occult, I don’t know. But it’s so cool that I don’t care. Designed by Peter Stone.

Witchcraft and Sorcery

Threepenny Opera, 1964

Yeah, I love the abstract graphics and all, but there’s something to be said for a nice image and some nice type. And putting it a nice little angle doesn’t hurt.

Cover photo by Neil Fujita.

60s, sixties design, typography, condensed type, book cover design

Intro to Religion, 1978

Designed by Jim Mennick.

Graphic book cover, seventies 70s, design, abstract

Wolfs love collage

Another great collaged cover from another author named Wolf! Here’s the other. This jacket (it’s a hardcover) was designed by Graham Bishop. (late 60s-ish)

graphic book cover, sixties 60s, design, collage, abstract

More Non-Fiction Circles

But this time, it’s just the logo. At least I think that’s the logo for the series. Like a complicated version of the post below this one.

sixties 60s, seventies 70s, design, book cover, circles, abstract, logo, helvetica

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