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Economic Nationalism…, 1967

Aaaah, I love this one. But then (as you can tell) I also like brown. And I love sideways type. Speaking of, I probably shoulda shot this one the other way, so you could read it, but I wanted to show how these awesome stripes wrapped around.

economic nationalism in Old and New States, harry g johnson, 60s design, sixties graphic, abstract cover

stripes, 1967 graphic design, book jacket, non-fiction, abstract, mod

Designers love to say this about stuff they like, but I gotta do it: this looks like it coulda been designed yesterday (except for the fact that it’s clearly been face-down in someone’s garage for the last 30 years.) Partly, it’s because the tightly-kerned Helvetica of the 70s is in vogue again, and the little illustrations look like icons, which we all love these days. But it’s also because smart, clean design never goes out of style.

Edward Frank is credited inside as designer, though the interior is so different I don’t know if he did the cover.

handyman book, 70s design, seventies graphic, typographic cover, icons, helvetica, Edward Frank, Time-Life books

Dude to popular demand, I am going to try including a hi-res version of the books (if you click the main image).

But on to this little gem. Or big gem, rather. A rare hardcover on this site—and you can see why. It’s a bit trashed. But this great overprinty diagramatic abstraction was too good to pass up. From 1962.

advanced-engineering-mathematics, 60s design, sixties math book, graphic cover, 1962, abstract diagram


Zen, 1964

Here’s the other Rudy deHarak cover I mentioned in this post. The overprinting colors are nice, but what I really like is the title type he built out of little rectangles.

rudolph deHarak, rudy, 60s design, sixties graphics, book cover, zen, 1964, eugen herrigel

The Mathematical Magpie, 1962

Great title to work with! And Milton Glaser does a nice job with it.

milton glaser, 60s design, sixties graphics, book cover, bird, gears, overprint, simon and schuster, 1962

magpie, crow, detail, mechanical bird, milton glaser, 60s graphic design, sixties typography, book design, cover layout, bird, gears, overprint, simon and schuster, 1962

Understanding Media, 1966

Picked this one up so Medium is the Massage would have a friend in my collection. Designed by Rudolph de Harak (another one from Rudy to come.)

understanding media, the extension of man, marshal mcluhan, 60s design, sixties book, graphic cover design

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