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African Architecture, 1969

Yes! Another one from the series. Only two problems: 1. this one’s a paperback, and 2. it’s not mine. This is another “guest post” from my pal Sam Grawe from our day competing for Chicago’s worship-worthiest books.

Gotta love the continuing use of this basic motif. And the black and yellow. Cover designed by Toshihiro Katayama.

world architecture series, 1969, 60s book design, sixties architecture book, 1060s graphics, toshihiro katayama

Aluminum in Modern Architecture, 1956

From guest contributor, Sam Grawe comes this rare gem put together by the Reynolds Company. Crazy slipcase and stamped cloth casewraps. So good.

According to the last page: “Design by the Styling and Design Department. Reynolds Metal Company.”

aluminum, modern architecture, mid-century, mod, foil, foil-stamped, casewrap, 50s design, fifties book cover, slip case, rare





Human Knowledge, 1976

Poor guy. I know just how he feels.

Looks like it was designed by another husband and wife team: “John+Mary Condon”—I’m gonna hafta start a category for that!

human knowledge its scope and limits, 1976, bertrand russel, psychology, john and mary condon, 70s design, seventies graphics, vintage book cover, abstract head, maze, spiral

Surface Structure

Another nerdy science title, though one’s a tad later than I like to feature here, 1980. But I love the graphic. Arrows and pattern. Nice. I also love how the subtitle does nothing to clarify what this is about.

Designed by Gwen Frankfeldt.

surface structure, robert fiengo, 1980, early 80s graphics, eighties design, 70s, seventies, arrows, pattern, abstraction.

Hypnosis: Fact and Fiction, 1963

Hard to go wrong with a Pelican (or Penguin) from this era. This one’s particularly nice—what designer doesn’t love big, coarse halftones? And I’d actually like to read it, though it’s 50 years old and I’m sure there’s more up-to-date info on the subject.

Designed by Larry Carter.

hypnosis, non-fiction, graphic cover, 60s design, sixties book, late fifties graphics, penguin, pelican, larry carter, f. l. marcuse

A Psycholinguistic Experiment…

Sounds a little sinister. But the experiment was simply using audio to teach a foreign language. Hence the big reel—which is how audio tape came back in 1964.

a psycholinguistic experiment in foreign language teaching, 1964, 60s design, abstract graphics, sixties icon, book cover, george a.c. scherer, michael wertheimer, mcgraw-hill

Oh man. I love this one. So simple. So nice. 1969, going by a handwritten note inside the cover.

Interestingly, this is the second in a row that was designed by an apparent husband and wife team: “Donald + Ann Crews.”

Man and Society in an Age of Reconstruction, grid, squares, abstract, metamorphosis, simple graphics, 60s design, sixties book cover, donald crews, ann crews, karl mannheim

Plasma Physics, 1960

This is a great graphic. Though I think it’d be even better without the little letters/annotations. But whaddya wanna bet the designers tried that and the author said they needed to be there? This book is equations almost cover to cover.

Oh yeah, and I said designerS: Ed and Jane Bedno—a husband and wife team? That’s pretty cool, too.

chandrasekhar, science, equations, infographics, chart, graph, overprint, 60s design, sixties book cover

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