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Logic Design, 1973

Here’s one that fits into the aforementioned category of “little shapes in a grid.” Love the black and white.

Designed by James Bradford Johnson.

logic design for behavioral scientists, science, psychology, 1973, 70s graphics, seventies design, jacket, abstract, op art

Pretty different from this one, but for the same publisher, Touchstone. (Some time after 1960.)


In addition to starting a category for husband and wife design teams, I should start one for covers featuring grids of abstract shapes. Like this, this, and (sort of) this, as well as a bunch I ain’t posted yet.

Overprinting and Slab Serifs

What could be hipper? Be it 1956, or 2009…

enrico fermi, slab serif, overprinting, 50s design, fifties graphic, book cover, 1956, physics, dover

The Divided Self, 1965

Poor Self. He used to be all happy and green. Now he’s all divided and is just blue and yellow.

Designed by Martin Basset.

60s book cover design, sixties graphics, abstract, overprinting, transparent color, pelican books, martin basset, 1965

A burnin’ ring of fire. This is a real favorite. The warm grey. The too-tight Helvetica. Unfortunately, in true 1979 style, the inside is full of Optima.

fire in a dark world, perry pescarella, concentric circles, albers, seventies graphics, 70s design, book jacket, 1979, technology.

The Sociology of Invention, 1970

MIT Press in the 70s was the place for my kinda covers.

This one designed by Evelyn Raynes.

s.c. gilfillan, 70s design, seventies book cover, graphic, abstract, science book, evelyn raynes.

s.c. gilfillan, 70s design, seventies book cover, graphic, abstract, science book, evelyn raynes.

Revelation means trippin’ out hard.

No design credit. Coulda been designed as early as 1960 (hard to tell from the © page.)

h. richard niebuhr, the meaning of revelation, 60s design, sixties book cover, overprint, graphic, abstract

Visited Sam (guest poster of the last two books) in SF this weekend, and he returned the favor and took me book shopping. I’m anxious to start posting those finds, but until I shoot ’em, here’s another Sam found while in Chicago.

Design by Geoffrey Martin.

penguin, 60s design, sixties graphics, book cover, overprint, photographic paperback.

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