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B.E.A.S.T., 1967

Lemme spell it out for ya: “Biological Evolutionary Animal Simulation Test.”

I have a feeling it doesn’t go well.

sci-fi cover, b.e.a.s.t., 60s book covers, sixties book graphics, science fiction design

(No illustration credit! A crime!)

Captain Dreyfus, 1957

Another great one by the great one: Roy Kuhlman.

roy kuhlman, 50s design, fifties graphic book covers, non-fiction graphics, paperback cover 1957, the story of a mass hysteria, nicholas halasz, evergreen grove press


Another gem by MIT Press. Designed by the awesomely named Coco Raynes.

politics of american science, seventies design, 70s graphics, coco raynes, mit press, vintage paperback

The Case of the Lucky Legs, 1967

Cover design by Bill Botten.

Penguin Plays

Two versions of the cover layout for the Penguin Plays series.

Left: Cover design by Denise York, 1966. Right: Cover design by Henning Boehlke, not sure when, but this printing is from 1975.

60s design, sixties graphics, 70s book cover, seventies penguin, denise york, Henning Boehlke, classic penguin, penguin plays, design system, editorial design


One of the weirder visuals I’ve come across lately. And from Playboy?!

“Front cover construction: Don Baum. Photograph: Bill Arsenault.” 1970.

playboy press, 70s, weird doll assemblage, don baum

1970 book cover, seventies graphic design, bill arsenault, playboy publishing, sci-fi

1970 science fiction anthology, playboy press, creepy dolls, doll art, seventies graphic cover, don baum

Here’s another great one by Mr. Kuhlman, from 1959. I’m sure I’ve got more in here somewhere…

50s book covers, 60s graphic design, sixties graphics, fifties abstract covers, psychoanalysis and contemporary thought, john d. sutherland, designed by roy kuhlman

Governing Education, 1969

Cover design by Henry Pujol.

sixties book design, education in the sixties, government and schools, 60s graphics, henry pujol, doubleday book covers

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