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Life in Families, 1971

A favorite from my recent finds. $1 bin on the street!

I can just imagine the conversation that resulted in the bloopy Cooper type: “But everything’s just so pointy…”

seventies graphics, 70s book cover design, overprinting, magenta and mustard, triangles, abstract jacket design, sociology book, 1971, life in families, Helen MacGill Hughes

Chicago, 1969

Logic, 1973

A little later than I usually feature, but I liked the strange but kinda awesome color palette. And the overprinting, of course.

The book (at least the inside) was designed by Sally Harris.

Something a little different.

basic physiology and anatomy, lippincott, medical book, 60s

1969, sixties book design, stamped cover, dna graphics

vintage anatomy book, 1960s graphic design, hardcover, casewrap

foil stamp, graphic book cover design, sixties, 60s, illustrated anatomy, musculature, helix graphic


Cover design by Seymour Chwast. I’m not sure when this was done. The latest date (Foreword, etc.) I can find is 1959.

I really like the type on the spine.

1959 book cover, fifties graphic design, 50s graphics, Seymour Chwast, illustrated book jackets, paperback covers, russian fiction, eugene zamiatin, dutton

minimal typography, 50s type, fifties book design, Seymour Chwast, Dutton paperback

Designed by Quentin Fiore.

marshall mcluhan, quentin fiore, jerome agel, war and peace in the global village, 1968, 60s graphics, 60s book cover design, abstract

The Buddha Tree

Nice and simple. This is the seventh printing (1979) but I assume this design by Brian Denyer was actually done in 1968 when this edition first came out.

fumio niwa, japanese fiction cover, 60s jacket design, sixties book cover design, halftone overprinting, 1968, tuttle books, the buddha tree

An ABC of Science Fiction, 1968

Typographic illustration by Ronald Walotsky.

science fiction cover, 60s graphics, sixties book design, illustrated type

ronald walotsky, 60s illustration, surreal sixties sci-fi typography, hand drawn type

Something a little different. German version of 1975’s “The Bermuda Triangle Mystery–Solved.”

Umschlagbild (cover image) by Ulf Herholz. Umschlagtypographie (cover typography) by Manfred Waller. 1980.

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