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Come on, tell me you don’t wanna read “Froomb!” based on the title alone.

The cover art on the left is by John Fargasso, but the cover art on the right is by Jack Fargasso. Yet their styles are so similar…

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The Lotus Caves, 1971


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Yes, this is the same Xaviera that brought you Xaviera’s Supersex.

I’d trust her advice on the subject. I mean, her name is Xaviera.

This hot little number came in 1978.

Chess, 1973

I don’t know if this originally had a jacket. If so, I can only assume was it was amazing, based on the amazing end-pages and illustrations. And the type on the casewrap and inside is nice and funky, too.

Illustrations by Reynold Ruffins.

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A Life in the Theatre

This is the 5th printing of a book published in 1959. If this is the original cover art, it’s pretty cool for 1959. I don’t know exactly what it is, but I like it.

By Rudolf de Harak.

Rudolf de Harak, sir tyrone guthrie, 50s 60s design, abstract graphic book covers, theater books, fifties graphics, sixties graphic design

Beckett, 1973

I woulda guessed ’83, but this is ahead of it’s time. And there’s more info on the cover art than damn near every other book on here combined:

“The cover of this book is one of ten views of a kinetic painting, ‘Pyramid’, by Oliver Bevan. The painting is made of transparent materials which only assume colours when illuminated by polarized light. When the plane of polarization is rotated slowly (which happens mechanically in a box designed to display the painting) the colours pass through a recurring cycle of change. Ten points of that cycle have been recorded to provide covers for the third set of ten volumes.”

That means I gotta find 9 more books…

oliver bevan painting, polarized light, Pyramid, fontana publishers, 1973, 70s painting, seventies graphic book covers, a. alvarez, beckett, abstract book cover

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