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Troika, 1963

Jacket designed by Ellen Raskin.

60s illustration, sixties book cover design, ellen raskin, 1963 fiction, david montross, doubleday

czechosloviakia 60s fiction, sixties graphic design, illustrator designer ellen raskin

Jacket design by Rudolph de Harak.
rudolph de harak, politics, 60s graphic design, sixties book jacket, council on foreign relations

Horizons of Anthropology, 1964

Or possibly 1970, as this is the seventh printing, from that year. Designed by David Miller.

anthropology, sol tax, david miller, horizontal lines, abstract graphics 60s, sixties book design, seventies graphic design, 70s book jacket, black and white graphics

The Eclipse of Citizenship, 1968

60s graphic design, sixties book cover, abstract graphics

Ecology, 1975

Even though it’s just dots, there’s something about this that’s a little gross.

70s book cover design, seventies graphics

The Iceman Cometh

Just finished reading this last night. Damn! Great characters, but bleak.

Cover illo by George Giusti. I think this edition is 1967, but the art could be as early as 1957.

george giusti, the iceman cometh, eugene o'neill, 50s illustration, fifties illustrated book cover, 60s illustration, sixties illustrated book cover.

bilblical scholarship fifties, 50s, 60s religious book cover design, mod religious design, christian paperback 60s,

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