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I love that this cover is mostly empty. And, of course, the cowboy type.

Cover by Lynn Martin. (in 1976 or some time after…)

western type, wood type, 70s graphic design, seventies typographic book cover design

Modern Man in Search of a Soul

Looking for a soul has us running around in circles. Design by Erik Nietsche. The latest year I can find mentioned in the book is 1961, so not sure exactly when this was designed.

erik nietsche, c.g. jung, soul, sixties design, 60s book cover

erik nietsche, sixties graphic design, 60s book design, paperback, cg jung

Lately I’ve been into the simplest, most bonehead shapes, and it don’t get any simpler than this.

Not sure if this exact cover design is c. 1969. The book was reprinted throughout the 70s. This cover was “Adapted by Alj Mary” so I suspect the circles were taken from the 1969 design and this swoopy type was added in the late 70s to bring it “up to date…”

seventies graphic design, 70s typography, simple geometric shapes, circles, sixties abstract design

70s type, flourish, geometric shapes, 60s graphic design, 70s graphic design, alj mary

An Evergreen book. So it coulda been done by Roy.

evergreen, 60s book design, sixties typographic book covers, roy kuhlman

J+M Condon! Can’t find a year.

Might’ve been designed earlier, as this is the seventeenth printing.

fromm, psychoanalysis, religion, 60s book design, sixties graphics, abstract book graphics

Modern Drama, 1965

Type treatment isn’t workin’ for me, but I the squares definitely are. Designed by Ronald Clyne.

The German Ideology, 1963

This is the 1969 printing, but I assume it’s the same cover as when the edition began, in ’63.

Cover design by Emil Antonucci.

60s graphic design, sixties book design, handwritten, constitution, history book cover, emil antonucci

emil anotonucci, handwriting in graphic design, 60s design, 2-color design

Philosophy in a New Key

Hard to tell the date. Last © was 1951, but this is some time after that.

philosophy book, 50s, 1950s abstract painting, fifties abstract book cover design

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