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This is an odd but fantastic take on a slab serif. Cover design by Ronald Clyne.

seventies book cover design, 70s graphics, typographic book cover, ronald clyne

70s slab serif, stencil, seventies type, odd font, ronald clyne

Don’t get much simpler’n this. Surprisingly, these are from 1951 and 1948, respectively. Also interesting are the two different logos—happen to be straddling a rebrand with these two.

40s book design, fifties graphic design, forties book cover, 50s book design, minimalist design

publisher logos, modern library, redesign, 40s and 50s logo design

Has more of a 40s look. Very old school. I wonder if there was a series with this look?

Cover design by Nell Blaine.

literature, dh lawrence, nell blaine, 40s 50s design, fifties book cover, mid-century graphic design, women designer

With helpful illustrations aplenty.

Jacket design by Harry Zelenko (vol 1) and Robert Giusti (vol. 2).

And love the back of Volume 1:
akzidenz grotesk

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