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The Maze of Ingenuity, 1976

MIT Press.

abstract book covers, mit press, 70s graphics, seventies design, helvetica

70s book cover design, seventies graphic design, MIT press 1976, helvetica

The Atlantic Civilization, 1966

Nice little bit of overprint and I like the funky type. The printer and bindery are credited, but not the designer…

overprint, 60s book cover design, condensed type, sixties graphic design

book cover design 1966, cornell, michael krauss, sixties book design

The Transposed Heads, 1959

By Mr. Rand.

paul rand, 50s book cover design, fifties graphic design

I love the simple yellow back:

paul rand, late fifties graphic design, sixties book cover, 50s paul rand designer, vintage book, process yellow

Philosophy of Mathematics, 1960

Skinny lines and skinny type.

book design 60s, sixties graphic design, math book, abstract math graphics

Designed by J Lloyd Dixon. A little earlier pub date than usual, but I like this one. And it’s interesting because it’s Dover, before they went to their signature cover style, consistent to the point of indifferentiatable.

j lloyd dixon, 50s graphic design, fifties book cover design, dover, typographic, ripped paper, cut paper, mustard yellow, 1957, 1950s math book

One of my favorite finds in awhile. So, no surprise that it’s a Roy Kuhlman joint. I love that he integrated the boilerplate Evergreen stuff into the graphic.

roy kuhlman, eric berne, 60s graphic design, sixties book covers, psychology book covers, evergreen original

Another great one from MIT Press.

feynman, MIT Press, 60s book cover design, sixties graphic design

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