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Pudd’nhead Wilson, 1955

This is the 8th printing of this, but I imagine it’s the same cover as ’55. Another nice one from Evergreen/Grove, and quite possibly our pal Roy


Modern French Literature, 1967

Aaaah, I loves me a nice Albers knock-off.

The copyright page design credit is for John O. C. McCrillis, but I think that’s just the inside.

albers, 60s graphic design, sixties book covers, modern french literature, yale press, John O. C. McCrillis


Seen a couple comments/inquires out there about the typeface. I WISH I knew what it was. It’s great. Just for kicks, I scanned the spine so you could see some more of it…

cool type detail, extended, quirky, sans

By John+Mary Condon.

john and mary condon, designers, hsuband and wife design team, 60s graphic design

john+mary condon, sixties book cover designers, graphic design 60s simon and schuster 1964

America Encounters Japan, 1969

Cover design by James Wageman.
sixties graphic design, 60s book cover, american flag, japan, james wageman

The Troublesome Helpmate, 1968

abstract 60s book cover, sixties graphic design, katherine m. rogers, university of washington press 1968, abstract female form

Earth, Inc., 1973

Great composition. Cover design by Sydney Butchkes. Cover photograph by Syeus Mottel.

seventies graphic design, 70s book cover, doubleday anchor, buckminster fuller, earth inc, Sydney Butchkes, Syeus Mottel

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