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Sadness, 1980

70s book cover design, 80s type, seventies typography, custom type eighties

This is one of my favorite finds recently.

sixties graphic design, 60s book cover design, philosophy book cover, abstract geometric

The Balcony, 1958

Was thinking I probably had another Roy Kuhlman design laying around here somewhere. Lo and behold: this one just one color. I guess that’s a railing?

roy kuhlman, play, jean genet, 50s book covers, 60s graphic design, fiffties sixties book jackets, grove press.

Krapp’s Last Tape, 1960

Boy, Roy Kuhlman sure was having fun over there at Evergreen…

roy kuhlman, book cover design 60s, sixties graphic design, evergreen, typographic

Also, I love finding hidden little treats from the past, like someone’s addition to the half title here…

book worship

washington, tom mcfeat, anthropology, native americans, 60s graphic design, sixties book cover, abstract graphics

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