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The Captive Mind, 1955

Cover design by Paul Rand.

paul rand, 50s graphic design, fifties book cover graphics

1950s book cover design, paul rand book cover, graphic design 1955, vintage book

The Pyramids, 1969

sixties book cover design, 60s graphic design, 1960s graphic, pyramids, university of chicago press 1969

1960s graphic design, 60s book cover, pyramids, abstract illustrations, halftone

abstract pyramid illustration, halftone, 60s design, 1960s book cover design, red and black

Jacket design by Vincent Scotti.

seventies book design, 70s graphic design, abstract book cover design, op art, vincent scotti

Nice color tie-in on the casewrap with the AMA logo.

70s book cover, ama logo, foil stamped book cove3r, casewrap, seventies design

I could see spinning off a whole site of just textbooks. Although, this might not be a textbook, strictly speaking; I bet it had a jacket originally. Though I love it like this.

60s textbook, sixties book design, graphic design 1969, abstract forms, helvetica

And the table of contents is great, too:

table of contents design, 1960s book design, sixties grid design, helvetica, textbook design

Black Manhattan, 1968

Cover design: Chermayeff & Geismar Associates.
Chermayeff & Geismar, 60s book design, sixties graphic design, abstract book cover

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