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The inside, at least, was designed by Crimilda Pontes.

abstract book cover 1960s, sixties graphic design, microgramma type cover, op art cover, yale university press 60s

Here’s something a little different—and older—than I usually feature. But still very graphic and abstract cover in its own way. The back (second shot, detail) retains more of the gold stamping it originally had.

sartre book theatre, case stamping 40s, vintage book case stamp abstract, forties book design

1940s book design, abstract book cover 1947, sartre book cover stamp, graphic book cover forties

Aspects of Form, 1961/1971

Cover design by George Sadek. This is the fourth printing (1971) of a 1961 edition, so not sure about the date of the design, but it’s probably earlier.

And how cool is the editor’s name?

George Sadek, sixties design, 60s book cover design

Title page doesn’t really match, but I like the type:

book design 1960s, george sadek, aspects of form, sixties graphic design, title page

This topic makes for interesting covers, I guess. Love the whacked-out color of this one. I think my favorite part is the spine, though. Book design by Dorothy Alden Smith (dunno if that means the cover, too.)

Dorothy Alden Smith, 60s book cover design, sixties abstract graphics, odd color combos

abstract book cover graphics, 1960s

abstract graphics 60s, sixties book cover design, philosophy book 1965, sartre

abstract book cover graphics 60s, 1960s op art graphics, sixties graphic design, jean-paul sartre book 1965, green and black

To think there was a time for me that textbooks only inspired a sense of dread…

textbook, 1973, houghton mifflin

70s textbook, abstract graphic book design, seventies graphics

helvetica in the 70s, seventies graphic design, book design, textbook

70s textbook, helvetica

seventies engineering textbook, 70s book design, helvectica

Diagonal type: Always a winner. Jacket designed by Bernie LaCasse.

helvetica, abstract book covers 1970s, seventies book design, 70s graphic design, diagonal type, MIT Press

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