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The Enchanted Ring, 1982

Second printing, looks like it was designed earlier.

Credit reads: Rendering of beta-lactam by Elizabeth Sheehan Watkins. Design by Celia Wilson.

Worth a zoom in (click) to see how they used green as one of the colors to get this odd overprint.

seventies eighties design, 70s 80s book cover, penicillin book cover, overprint, color

70s 80s book cover design, science book, seventies eighties graphic design

Oddly, this book is mostly text.

60s design book, sixties graphic design, abstract art 1964

Existence and Being

No indication of the year on this one.

heidegger, gateway editions, abstract book covers 60s 70s, sixties design, seventies graphic design, circles

Srdce Nechodí Samo, 1968

A beautiful Czech book, with the design carried through to the case.

czech graphic design 1960s, sixties design czechoslovakia, praha odeon 1968, book design

design praha 1968, odeon publishers, czech book design

I particularly like the texture of the jacket stock:

czech book jacket 1968

graphic design praha 60s, sixties book design europe, czech

book design czechoslovakia 1960s, 60s graphic design europe, czech design 1968

czech book design 60s, sixties design praha, odeon 1968

yale university press, geometric book cover, abstract graphic cover sixties, 60s book graphics, 1960s graphic design, squares

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