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The Cold War, 1976

A great new color combo for my collection of this series (here’s the other and the other).

graphic design 70s, book cover seventies, japan, typography

typographic book cover design, type as illustration

Cover designed by Rudolph deHarak.

60s book design, 1960s cover design, political book, Rudolph deHarak, mcgraw hill, cube

Rudolph deHarak, mcgraw-hill paperbacks 60s, abstract book covers sixties

akzidenz grotesk, sixties book cover design, 60s graphic design, rudy deharak

Georg Buchner, 1963

Cover design by Saul Lambert.
abstract graphics sixties, abstract book cover 60s, hand drawn shapes
saul lambert, graphic design 1960s, handmade abstract graphics

The Theory of Meaning, 1968

geometric forms in book cover design, op art, minimal sixties design

60s book design, albers influence, geometric compositions, 1960s graphic design

60s book cover design, abstract graphic design 60s, geometric composition cover

The Popular Arts, 1967

sixties collage, 60s book design, 1960s graphic design, media books 60s

Mill: Utilinarianism, 1971

Love this bizarro color palette. And liked the abstract composition before I realized it said “Mill”. Probably a series?

typographic book cover 70s, seventies graphic design, 70s colors

extended sans serif, 1970s type, seventies book design

I also like how the inside is two columns.

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