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The Four Suns, 1970

The collision and placement of these elements make for a great composition. Designed by Jacqueline Schuman.

Another trashed book from the dollar box.

An American Dialogue, 1961

Cover design by (the hardest-working designer in the 60s) George Giusti.

Race, 1965

Cover design by J. Caroff Assoc.

The Cell, 1964

Sorry this is so filthy. It came out of the Free Box. Design by Walter Behnke.

Might be 1971. I like that it’s abstract, and colorful, like the others up here. But photographic.

Not 100% certain if this is the cover on the 1957 edition, could have come a few years later. Cover design by Michael Kitson.

Funky little diagram on the back that must have inspired the front:

Cover design by Alfred Zalon.

Cover design: Russell Rollins.

Herein is Love, 1961

Cover design by Alexander Limont.

Looks like this is all achieved with just the orange and purple:

And a nice little detail on the inside front cover:

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