Pretty different from this one, but for the same publisher, Touchstone. (Some time after 1960.)


In addition to starting a category for husband and wife design teams, I should start one for covers featuring grids of abstract shapes. Like this, this, and (sort of) this, as well as a bunch I ain’t posted yet.

Renderings, 1968

Another cool one by John + Mary Condon.

John + Mary Condon, simon and schuster, 60s abstract graphics, sixties book design

john and mary condon, 60s designers, book cover designers sixties

Love the tight Akzidenz.

60s typography, sixties book cover design, john and mary condon, art book 1968

This blind deboss would be even cooler if it matched the (upper- and lowercase) front and spine.

blind deboss, sixties graphic design, 60s design, casewrap, renderings art book

By John+Mary Condon.

john and mary condon, designers, hsuband and wife design team, 60s graphic design

john+mary condon, sixties book cover designers, graphic design 60s simon and schuster 1964

J+M Condon! Can’t find a year.


A little light reading. Published in 1958, but not sure when this cover (for the 5th printing) was designed. But it did say it was by John+Mary Condon.

60s design, sixties graphics, existence, john and mary condon, book cover design, mid-century graphics

Human Knowledge, 1976

Poor guy. I know just how he feels.

Looks like it was designed by another husband and wife team: “John+Mary Condon”—I’m gonna hafta start a category for that!

human knowledge its scope and limits, 1976, bertrand russel, psychology, john and mary condon, 70s design, seventies graphics, vintage book cover, abstract head, maze, spiral


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