Overprinting and Slab Serifs

What could be hipper? Be it 1956, or 2009…

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Meet the Finns, 1969

I’m a sucker for halftones overprinted on a solid color.

Nothing special about the layout, but I love the overprinted CMYK Rorschach.

Oh, and the Delta logo is pretty awesome.

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 1959

Some two-color, overprinty goodness…

Freedom Today, 1966

Two of my favorite things: arrows and overprinting. Jacket design by Warren Infield.

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Church up the street had a rummage sale, and I found this great series. Uses overprinting to good effect.

seventies graphic design, book design for churches, 1970s graphics

overprinting, univers, 1970s book design, church textbooks, bible study books seventies

christian book design 70s, graphic design 1970s, univers

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The Enchanted Ring, 1982

Second printing, looks like it was designed earlier.

Credit reads: Rendering of beta-lactam by Elizabeth Sheehan Watkins. Design by Celia Wilson.

Worth a zoom in (click) to see how they used green as one of the colors to get this odd overprint.

seventies eighties design, 70s 80s book cover, penicillin book cover, overprint, color

70s 80s book cover design, science book, seventies eighties graphic design

The Unifying Moment, 1971

Of course, I love the front of this, geometric shapes, overprinting, oddball colors…
70s book design, seventies graphic design, overprinting, magenta, abstract geometric shapes

But I also really love these two aspects of the jacket.

1.) the back is just white:
book jacket 70s

2.) They overprinted the green and pink to get a dark brown for this halftone of the author on the flap:
overprinting, 70s book jacket design, seventies graphics

No design credit unfortunately.

Oh ho ho—don’t get me started on the ol’ Weber Thesis. What a controversy!

Anyways, love this truly odd mint green and orange color combo, and the brown resulting from the overprints.

triangle pattern, 70s book cover design, heath publishing, social science, overprint

overprint, pattern, weird color combination, seventies graphic design, 70s modernism, book cover

overprinting, orange and green, triangle pattern, book cover design 70s, seventies graphics

Designers love arrows. Especially overprinty ones. Design by Maxine Renee Clement.

sixties book design, 60s graphic design, book cover psychology, overprint, abstract, arrows

book cover design 1960s, 60s design, sixties graphic design, maxine renee clement, psychotherapy

overprint, abstract, arrows, 60s cover design

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