Good Ol’ Mr. Rand

I’m not obsessed with Paul Rand as are many designers, but I do enjoy him as an illustrator. The Condemned of Altona, 1961.

condemned of altona, paul rand, 60s design, sixties illustration, jean paul sartre play, book cover design, 1961

The Captive Mind, 1955

Cover design by Paul Rand.

paul rand, 50s graphic design, fifties book cover graphics

1950s book cover design, paul rand book cover, graphic design 1955, vintage book

The Acquisitive Society

Can’t find a date on this one—I think it’s ’62 or ’63. I do know the cover is by Paul Rand though.

paul rand illustraction, 60s design, sixties book design

The Transposed Heads, 1959

By Mr. Rand.

paul rand, 50s book cover design, fifties graphic design

I love the simple yellow back:

paul rand, late fifties graphic design, sixties book cover, 50s paul rand designer, vintage book, process yellow

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