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Another trashed book from the dollar box.

Might be 1971. I like that it’s abstract, and colorful, like the others up here. But photographic.

The Pyramids, 1969

sixties book cover design, 60s graphic design, 1960s graphic, pyramids, university of chicago press 1969

1960s graphic design, 60s book cover, pyramids, abstract illustrations, halftone

abstract pyramid illustration, halftone, 60s design, 1960s book cover design, red and black

Amazing illustration, by Jerome Snyder. The book also credits art director Edward A. Hamilton and designer Norma Levarie and even Stanley Morison for designing Times New Roman (used inside) in 1931!

Design of the Housing Site, 1967

I actually passed this by at first, thinking it was new. It looks so fresh and contemporary, it’s still hard to believe it was designed in 1966. By Robert P. Kentgen.

I’m gonna have to shoot the interior for Gridness at some point, too.

university of chicago, architecture, 60s graphic design, sixties abstract book cover, robert kentgen

60s book cover design, sixties architecture book, design of housing site, kentgen, u of i press 1966, 1967

sixties graphic design, 60s book jacket, 1966 architecture book, housing site design, robert p kentgen

Bold cover choice for a “photographic” guide book.

chicago architecture, abstract cover, sixties graphic design

60s book cover design, architecture, abstract graphics

And the end-pages are unexpected, too.

chicago architecture, architectural pattern, 60s graphic design, sixties book design, ornamental

The interior design is excellent—really tight.

university of chicago press, 1965, 1969

urbanism 60s, sixties book cover graphics, flat, isometric, 3-color graphics, 1965, werner z hirsch, holt rinehart winston

detail, flat graphics, sixties, urbanism, 3-color graphics, holt rinehart and winston inc.

African Architecture, 1969

Yes! Another one from the series. Only two problems: 1. this one’s a paperback, and 2. it’s not mine. This is another “guest post” from my pal Sam Grawe from our day competing for Chicago’s worship-worthiest books.

Gotta love the continuing use of this basic motif. And the black and yellow. Cover designed by Toshihiro Katayama.

world architecture series, 1969, 60s book design, sixties architecture book, 1060s graphics, toshihiro katayama

Aluminum in Modern Architecture, 1956

From guest contributor, Sam Grawe comes this rare gem put together by the Reynolds Company. Crazy slipcase and stamped cloth casewraps. So good.

According to the last page: “Design by the Styling and Design Department. Reynolds Metal Company.”

aluminum, modern architecture, mid-century, mod, foil, foil-stamped, casewrap, 50s design, fifties book cover, slip case, rare





World architecture, series.





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