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The Glass Key, 1972

Found a companion book to one I posted years ago. No design credit, but the “three-dimensional sculpture of key” is by Nick Aristovulos, photograph by Ellen McNeilly.

Wings, 1978

Jacket design by Penny Madden.


2 Evelyn Waugh Novels, 1959

Signature for cover design/illustration looks like “Bruder.”

St. Mawr and the Man Who Died, 1953

Not sure of the date on this, but 1953 is the latest date (copyright) inside. Cover designed by Leo Lionni.

An Overpraised Season, 1973

Jacket design by Roy LaGrone.

A tad older than the usual Book Worship fare. And designed by none other than E. McKnight Kauffer.

A Whim to Kill, 1971

Jacket by Lawrence Ratzkin.

The Panama Affair, 1971

Cover design by Ted Menten.

Georg Buchner, 1963

Cover design by Saul Lambert.
abstract graphics sixties, abstract book cover 60s, hand drawn shapes
saul lambert, graphic design 1960s, handmade abstract graphics

Here’s something a little different—and older—than I usually feature. But still very graphic and abstract cover in its own way. The back (second shot, detail) retains more of the gold stamping it originally had.

sartre book theatre, case stamping 40s, vintage book case stamp abstract, forties book design

1940s book design, abstract book cover 1947, sartre book cover stamp, graphic book cover forties

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