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I like to think of all these books I collect as “historical documents” (quote-unquote). This one was particularly cool for having an actual historical document hidden within its pages. A 1967 draft notice:

I’m going to see if I can find the original recipient of this notice in case he wants it back!

Church up the street had a rummage sale, and I found this great series. Uses overprinting to good effect.

seventies graphic design, book design for churches, 1970s graphics

overprinting, univers, 1970s book design, church textbooks, bible study books seventies

christian book design 70s, graphic design 1970s, univers

book design for religion 1970s, seventies book design for church, overprinting, abstract, typographic

Alcools Apollinaire, 1972

Who doesn’t love zooming boxes?

70s graphics, seventies book design france

(The Hatier logo is pretty cool, too.)

Here’s something a little different—and older—than I usually feature. But still very graphic and abstract cover in its own way. The back (second shot, detail) retains more of the gold stamping it originally had.

sartre book theatre, case stamping 40s, vintage book case stamp abstract, forties book design

1940s book design, abstract book cover 1947, sartre book cover stamp, graphic book cover forties

Cremation, 1968

Not a how-to book. Cover art by Johanna Sperl.

abstract book cover graphics, 1960s cover design, sixties graphic design, 60s book covers, stained glass, paul irion, johanna sperl, cremation, religious books, non-fiction

Einstein and Humanism, 1980

Strange one. The layout on the front is a little random, almost cool. The inside is totally typewritten, but the cover’s really printed—maybe done ahead of time and then quickly bound after the conference? Dunno. But I like the little graphic composition.
einstein, abstract graphics, 70s, 80s, eighties graphics, book cover design, aspen institute for humanistic studies

Something a little different. I know it had a jacket of some kind at one point (someone cut off the flaps and taped them inside!), but I like it this way, with the stamped water and blind-embossed rocks.

japanese books, fifties design japan, 50s book design, blind embossed, cover stamp

blind-embossed book cover, japan 1950s, fifties book design, cloth bound

Published in Uruguay.

uruguay, spanish religious book, 60s book design in uruguay, latin american graphic design, sixties

sixties graphic design in latin america, book design in uruguay, religious book cover, spanish, Hombre, Ideologia y Revolución en America Latina, 1965

bilblical scholarship fifties, 50s, 60s religious book cover design, mod religious design, christian paperback 60s,

From Chile. Bad printing. Bad paper. So good.

70s chilean graphic design, enrique cury, south american design in the 70s, chile publisher, universidad y estudio

This type is really nice, too:

la Teoría del Delito, black and red

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