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The Black Cloud, 1960

I’ve been staying away from Penguins lately in favor of more obscure publishers, but this one caught my eye. The “cover drawing by John Griffiths” is a little different for them.

penguin cover, 60s book cover design, sixties graphic design, science fiction cover

Myth Master, 1973

Lovely. The type, I mean.

sci-fi, funky 70s type, 1970s book cover, seventies book jacket, science fiction jacket. sci fi illustration

A detail of the back. Of the book, I mean.

science fiction typography, 1973, seventies font, 70s graphic design

Dilation Effect, 1971

Wow. Trippy. Art by Wilson McLean.

wilson mclean, douglas r. mason, dilation effect, matrix, 70s paperback, seventies sci fi, book cover design, graphic design

SF 3, 1967

An earlier volume from the series I posted last.

science fiction graphics, sci-fi book cover, sixties design, 60s graphic design

SF 6, 1971

Cover painting appears to be by David McCall Johnston.
science fiction cover, 70s sci-fi graphics, David McCall Johnston

Ring Around the Sun, 1967

Though the design’s a little cramped and “mass-markety,” I dig the crazy artwork.

60s mass market paperbacks, sixties graphic design, 1967 sci-fi novel, avon books, abstract science graphics

Come on, tell me you don’t wanna read “Froomb!” based on the title alone.

The cover art on the left is by John Fargasso, but the cover art on the right is by Jack Fargasso. Yet their styles are so similar…

john fargasso, jack fargasso, sci-fi, science fiction cover art, 60s scifi painting, sixties typography, handdrawn type, science fiction type

The Lotus Caves, 1971


the lotus caves, john christopher, psychedelic graphics, 60s book cover design, hippie design, 70s design, seventies book cover, will bradley, art nouveau in the sixties, sci-fi book cover design, collier

An ABC of Science Fiction, 1968

Typographic illustration by Ronald Walotsky.

science fiction cover, 60s graphics, sixties book design, illustrated type

ronald walotsky, 60s illustration, surreal sixties sci-fi typography, hand drawn type

Fury, 1955

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