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I like to think of all these books I collect as “historical documents” (quote-unquote). This one was particularly cool for having an actual historical document hidden within its pages. A 1967 draft notice:

I’m going to see if I can find the original recipient of this notice in case he wants it back!

The Cell, 1964

Sorry this is so filthy. It came out of the Free Box. Design by Walter Behnke.

Church up the street had a rummage sale, and I found this great series. Uses overprinting to good effect.

seventies graphic design, book design for churches, 1970s graphics

overprinting, univers, 1970s book design, church textbooks, bible study books seventies

christian book design 70s, graphic design 1970s, univers

book design for religion 1970s, seventies book design for church, overprinting, abstract, typographic

To think there was a time for me that textbooks only inspired a sense of dread…

textbook, 1973, houghton mifflin

70s textbook, abstract graphic book design, seventies graphics

helvetica in the 70s, seventies graphic design, book design, textbook

70s textbook, helvetica

seventies engineering textbook, 70s book design, helvectica

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