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typographic book cover design, type as illustration

Mill: Utilinarianism, 1971

Love this bizarro color palette. And liked the abstract composition before I realized it said “Mill”. Probably a series?

typographic book cover 70s, seventies graphic design, 70s colors

extended sans serif, 1970s type, seventies book design

I also like how the inside is two columns.

Church up the street had a rummage sale, and I found this great series. Uses overprinting to good effect.

seventies graphic design, book design for churches, 1970s graphics

overprinting, univers, 1970s book design, church textbooks, bible study books seventies

christian book design 70s, graphic design 1970s, univers

book design for religion 1970s, seventies book design for church, overprinting, abstract, typographic

A small art catalog of cowboy paintings.

western type, 60s graphic design, sixties art catalog, 2-color printing

60s art catalog, exhibition catalog western art, remington and russel, fort worth, 2-color printing 1966, western type

Language in Society, 1965

Proto-punk typography. And I love the blank back.

ransom note type, mixed fonts, 60s typography, sixties book design

60s graphic design, sixties book cover, red and purple, minimal

The Jazz Scene, 1961

Great typographic cover by Alan Fletcher. Always interesting to find a cool Penguin from prior to their more well-known layout configuration. Oh, and of course, yay overprinting!

alan fletcher, 60s book cover design, penguin sixties, jazz typography

60s condensed type, alan fletcher design, penguin cover, overprint, sixties typographic

At first glance I thought this was new—the constructed type seems so contemporary. A book on Swedish, in English, printed in the Netherlands.

70s graphic design, seventies book cover design, bitmap typography 1970s, swedish, dutch design

seventies book cover, 70s graphic design, swedish, dutch book

Four Quartets, 1971

Cover design by Ellen Raskin.

four quartets, t.s. eliot, ellen raskin, typographic book cover, 70s design, seventies typography

Sadness, 1980

70s book cover design, 80s type, seventies typography, custom type eighties

Krapp’s Last Tape, 1960

Boy, Roy Kuhlman sure was having fun over there at Evergreen…

roy kuhlman, book cover design 60s, sixties graphic design, evergreen, typographic

Also, I love finding hidden little treats from the past, like someone’s addition to the half title here…

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