Another gem from MIT Press. Love the back side, too.

Another good’n from MIT Press.

Wonder if Volume 1 is the same? Maybe different colors?

seventies graphic design, mit press, abstract graphics, seventies book cover design

seventies graphic design, 70s book cover, abstract geometric graphics 1970s
Always love MIT press, for their minimal backs and nice, tidy spines.

gridness, grid design, typography in the 70s, seventies graphic design, helvetica, book design

Diagonal type: Always a winner. Jacket designed by Bernie LaCasse.

helvetica, abstract book covers 1970s, seventies book design, 70s graphic design, diagonal type, MIT Press

Theory of Colours, 1970

Aaah yes. This is the kinda book cover that got this whole thing started. Designed by Evelyn Bessudo.

mit press, 60s 70s book cover design, sixties 70s abstract graphics, evelyn bessudo

And I’ve always loved how MIT Press handled the backs.
70s book cover design, seventies abstract graphic design, vibrating color, theory of colours goethe, mit press

The Maze of Ingenuity, 1976

MIT Press.

abstract book covers, mit press, 70s graphics, seventies design, helvetica

70s book cover design, seventies graphic design, MIT press 1976, helvetica

Another great one from MIT Press.

feynman, MIT Press, 60s book cover design, sixties graphic design

Another great one from MIT Press. From 1974. No design credits, though from the © page, we know:

This book was set in IBM Composer Univers
by CCI Compositors
printed on Finch Publisher’s Offset,
and bound in G.S.B. S/535/99
by Halliday Lithograph Corp.
in the United States of America

MIT Press, 1974, seventies book jacket, 70s graphic design, terutomo ozawa, factory icon, japanese flag, abstract book cover

One of my favorite recent finds. (And more dots!)

mit press, 70s math book, seventies graphic design, abstract book cover design, 1970

Another gem by MIT Press. Designed by the awesomely named Coco Raynes.

politics of american science, seventies design, 70s graphics, coco raynes, mit press, vintage paperback

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