Here’s another great one by Mr. Kuhlman, from 1959. I’m sure I’ve got more in here somewhere…

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Yet another great Roy Kuhlman design. Though this one’s a bit different for him.

St. Petersberg, 1959

No credit, but it’s Evergreen, so possibly a Roy Kuhlman production?

Another appearance by our friend Roy Kuhlman.

The Balcony, 1958

Was thinking I probably had another Roy Kuhlman design laying around here somewhere. Lo and behold: this one just one color. I guess that’s a railing?

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Krapp’s Last Tape, 1960

Boy, Roy Kuhlman sure was having fun over there at Evergreen…

roy kuhlman, book cover design 60s, sixties graphic design, evergreen, typographic

Also, I love finding hidden little treats from the past, like someone’s addition to the half title here…

book worship

One of my favorite finds in awhile. So, no surprise that it’s a Roy Kuhlman joint. I love that he integrated the boilerplate Evergreen stuff into the graphic.

roy kuhlman, eric berne, 60s graphic design, sixties book covers, psychology book covers, evergreen original

The Third Rose, 1961

Yet another gem by our old pal Roy Kuhlman. I like the subtle overprinting of those crisp lines on the photogram-type image.

roy kuhlman, 60s book cover design, sixties graphic design, overprint, photogram, evergreen, purple and red

roy kuhlman, evergreen editions, 1961, the third rose, gertrude stein, malcolm brinnin

An Evergreen book. So it coulda been done by Roy.

evergreen, 60s book design, sixties typographic book covers, roy kuhlman

By Roy Kuhlman.

roy kuhlman, 50s book design, fifties graphic design, grove press, drama book design, cover design, 1958, evergreen

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