Yuan Mei, 1956

Yep—it’s by Roy Kuhlman.

yuan mei eighteenth century chinese poet, by arthur waley, 50s book design, fifties graphic design, abstract design, roy kuhlman

Ionesco, 1958

An earlier Roy Kuhlman design. Damn. He needs his own category on this site…

The Unnamable, 1958

An early one by our pal Roy Kuhlman.

50s graphic design, abstract book covers, roy kuhlman, samuel beckett, the unnamable, evergreen originals, grove press, 1958, book cover design

Captain Dreyfus, 1957

Another great one by the great one: Roy Kuhlman.

roy kuhlman, 50s design, fifties graphic book covers, non-fiction graphics, paperback cover 1957, the story of a mass hysteria, nicholas halasz, evergreen grove press


The No Plays of Japan

Nice and simple. But striking. I believe it was designed in 1957—which was when this edition was published, though this is the 7th printing.

Cover design by Roy Kuhlman.

no plays, japan, black and white, 1957, fifties design, sixties graphics, 60s book cover, abstract, japanese influenced

The Hostage, 1959

Simple, elegant, graphic.

Cover design by Roy Kuhlman.

brendan behan, 60s graphics, sixties design, fifties, 50s, playwright, play, evergreen original, grove press, 1959

Present Past Past Present, 1971

No design credit. But it’s Grove Press/Evergreen, so it might be Roy again.

Pudd’nhead Wilson, 1955

This is the 8th printing of this, but I imagine it’s the same cover as ’55. Another nice one from Evergreen/Grove, and quite possibly our pal Roy


Jungle of Cities, 1966

Nice handdrawn Ben Shahn-style type. No design credit, but it’s Grove Press, so it could be our man Roy Kuhmlann.

handdrawn type, sixties lettering, 60s graphic design, book cover design, bertolt brecht, ben shahn

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