Might be 1971. I like that it’s abstract, and colorful, like the others up here. But photographic.

Not 100% certain if this is the cover on the 1957 edition, could have come a few years later. Cover design by Michael Kitson.

Funky little diagram on the back that must have inspired the front:

Cover design by Alfred Zalon.

Cover design: Russell Rollins.

Herein is Love, 1961

Cover design by Alexander Limont.

Looks like this is all achieved with just the orange and purple:

And a nice little detail on the inside front cover:

Meet the Finns, 1969

I’m a sucker for halftones overprinted on a solid color.

An Overpraised Season, 1973

Jacket design by Roy LaGrone.

Literary Biography, 1959

Cover design by George Giusti.

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