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Frustration, 1961

“Yeah, I’m frustrated—where the Hell is the maze?” I love that they actually built this. And the slight wiggle on the T is great. The image is by Fred Moncrieff. Design by Stuart Ross.

frustration, norman r.f. maier, behavior, psychology, 1961, 60s design, sixties book cover, photographic cover.

photographic book cover, built type, mouse, paper type, type construction, 3d type, 60s book cover, sixties graphic design.

Mencken, 1969

His name in this typeface looks cool. His name in this typeface 10 more times looks 10 times cooler. Cover design by George Lenox.

H.L. Mencken, typographic book cover, 60s design, sixties type, journalism, 1969 graphic design.

Thought for Eggheads

Love the simplicity of this cover (Design: Christos Giamakos. Photo: Kenny) from 1965.

60s design, sixties book cover, type and image, egg, curved, expressive typography

Regional Economics, 1968

Pretty stark cover. But I love the way the bottom two lines align with the stat-cam’ed factory image. Nice composition/balance.

regional-economics-1, book cover, 60s design, sixties graphics, black and white, economics book.

stat cam, factory, helvetica, all-caps type, book cover, 60s design, sixties graphics, black and white, economics book.

Score! Last in the series.

The other two I have from this series are the books that kind of started this whole thing. I’d seen this other one on eBay, but it was too pricey. But I just stumbled across it at a ridiculous mess of a used book store near Wrigleyville. For 2 bucks!

I believe it’s the last of 3. From 1966.

isaac asimov, non-fiction, science book, 60s design, sixties book cover, abstract graphics, halftone.

One of my favorites, mathematical or otherwise. A little bit of texture in the illustration (by John and Kenneth Astrop) when you look closely. That’ll be it for the math books for awhile.

1971 design, 70s book design, seventies graphics, numbers, typography, handdrawn, math.

70s design, seventies typography, hand drawn type, book cover design, pelican books, vintage penguin.

Facts from Figures, 1963

Math books yield some interesting graphic abstractions. This one is a little more representational than the previous two, but still very cool. Designers love arrows! Designed by Larry Carter.

math book, abstract cover, book design, 60s, sixties, mathematics, graphics.

60s graphics, sixties design, book cover design, abstract cover, math, arrows, chart, graph

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