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East Meets West, 1981

Clearly visually rooted in a time much earlier. I thought the “peace and love” vibe is appropriate for this time of year.

Even after reading the back cover, I don’t really know what this book is about. “God and the self. Mind and supermind.” Regardless, “transpersonal” is my new favorite word. Designed by Carol Christa.

carol christa, hippie design, peace and love, mind and supermind, self, conceptions of God, rosemarie stewart, east meets west, 70s, seventies, 80s design, eighties graphics, rainbow, stripes

Not easy to pull of something this simple when you gotta deal with a logo like that. Somehow it still works.

childs conception of number, northon, sixties book cover, 60s design, graphic paperback, pshychology, jean piaget

The Galaxy Reader, 1964

3-color jacket with some subtle overprinting. Designed by Roger Zimmerman.

sci-fi art, science fiction jacket, book cover design, sixties graphics, 60s design, overprinting, frederik pohl

art detail, close-up overprinting, 3-color printing, three color

A Timely Topic (from 1961)

Lotta people talking about this Keynes guy lately. But I bought this solely because of the cover (of course.) Love that the title cuts the cover in half, with nothing above it.

Designed by Al Corchia, Jr.

john Maynard Keynes, al corchia jr., lawwrence r. klein, economics, sixties graphics, 60s book cover design, abstract

Robert Pinget Plays, 1967

Whaddya wanna bet Volume 1 was the same design in different colors?

robert pinget, plays, drama, british, geometric, abstract, 60s design, sixties graphic book cover, green, blue, black, univers condensed

The Hostage, 1959

Simple, elegant, graphic.

Cover design by Roy Kuhlman.

brendan behan, 60s graphics, sixties design, fifties, 50s, playwright, play, evergreen original, grove press, 1959


Not only is that a mouthful (pretty much had to be set in condensed type) it’s a pretty hard thing to illustrate. This graphic could represent cutting through the mental chaos to form a diagnosis. Or maybe the white lines show the aberration of a disturbed person’s mind. Or, something else?

From 1973.

neuropsychodiagnosis in psychotherapy, leonard small, 1973, 70s design, seventies graphics, abstract book cover, stripes, psychology

Spaceship Earth, 1966

Sometimes a nice cover catches my eye, but I assume it’s contemporary. If it weren’t for the slightly wonky type/kerning on this one, I might not have checked. Surprising that this is 1966 because of it’s simplicity as well as the semi-metallic ink. Seemed much more recent. Cooler still is that the back cover is completely devoid of copy—just the two color bands continuing around.

barbara ward, spaceship earth, columbia university press, 1966

60s graphics, sixties design, book cover, abstract, spaceship earth.

Regional Analysis, 1968

Just to complete the thought, here’s another that fits into the “grid of little shapes” category. What’s interesting about this, though, is that it seems to be the design for all the Penguin Modern Economics covers. There were a bunch at the (awesome Bellingham, WA) bookstore where I found this, but I just got the one with the weirdest color combo.

There are two other interesting things to note: It’s the first time I’ve seen them use Univers, and the designer’s name is B.E. Rockett—which might actually be the coolest aspect of the cover.

arrows, 60s design, sixties graphics, book cover, abstract, economics, info design, information graphics, penguin modern economics, L. needleman, b. e. rockett

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