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On Contemporary Literature

From either 1964 or 1969.

1964 literary anthology, 1969 paperback, avon books, discus, 60s graphics, sixties book cover design

Lady Luck, 1963

Cover design by Robert Flynn.

60s science books, sixties graphic design, paperback cover, 1963, gambling, warren weaver, robert flynn, lady luck, the theory of probability, doubleday anchor

Equus, 1975

Amazing geometric illustration. And another super-simple back. (Love the Bard logo, too.)

equus, avon, bard, geometric, 1974, peter shaffer

geometric illustration, abstract horse, 1975 paperback, play, 70s design, seventies graphics

Automation, 1962

Pink and red again! Or pink and orange? And more Univers, too.

I love the big block of text on the front. Can’t imagine getting away with that today. Or with how little is going on on the back!

Designed by George Giusti.

George Giusti, 60s design, 1960s graphics, book cover, paperback, abstract, computer punch card, automation, morris philipson

sixties graphics, 1962 paperback, non-fiction design, book worship

Fury, 1955

Danish Bacon Cookery

Forgive the abrupt change in direction. Wanted to make sure the type wasn’t upside-down.

Not sure what year this was, but it was definitely post-1957 (when Univers was released). Designed by the Fleetway Creative Group. Photography by the Fleetway Studio. Recipe testing and preparation in the Fleetway Kitchen. Published by Danish Agricultural Producers Information Service on behalf of Danish Bacon Factories Export Association. Awesome.

Dropout! 1968

drop out, falling type, custom typography, sixties design, 60s book cover, vintage paperback, 1968 type, robin farquharson, acid, penguin

Continuing on a theme…

Here’s another contrasty stat-cam’ed bunch of people. But what really makes this cover is that it’s red and pink. RED and PINK!

Designed by Gary Gore. 1969.

magazines for millions, 60s design, sixties graphics, Gary Gore, 1969, grid, stat cam, red and pink


A little light reading. Published in 1958, but not sure when this cover (for the 5th printing) was designed. But it did say it was by John+Mary Condon.

60s design, sixties graphics, existence, john and mary condon, book cover design, mid-century graphics

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