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Jungle of Cities, 1966

Nice handdrawn Ben Shahn-style type. No design credit, but it’s Grove Press, so it could be our man Roy Kuhmlann.

handdrawn type, sixties lettering, 60s graphic design, book cover design, bertolt brecht, ben shahn

SF 3, 1967

An earlier volume from the series I posted last.

science fiction graphics, sci-fi book cover, sixties design, 60s graphic design

SF 6, 1971

Cover painting appears to be by David McCall Johnston.
science fiction cover, 70s sci-fi graphics, David McCall Johnston

Legitimation Crisis, 1975

This cover’s plenty legit. Got the grid of stuff thing goin’ on (a la this, this, this, this, and (sort of) this…)

Designed by David Ford.

I love how the design trickles around to the back where there’s a different composition. No design credit!

70s graphic design, seventies book cover design, political science graphics, university of chicago press 1975

1970s abstract graphics, seventies book cover design, polish-american politics in chicago, purple and orange

Ring Around the Sun, 1967

Though the design’s a little cramped and “mass-markety,” I dig the crazy artwork.

60s mass market paperbacks, sixties graphic design, 1967 sci-fi novel, avon books, abstract science graphics

Another abstract horse. This one by George Giusti.

60s book design, sixties abstract graphics, mid-century graphic design, vintage books, george giusti, abstract horse, caligula

Crafts, 1980

Something a little different.

This book nicely captures what the 70s looked like to me. The glossy, casewrapped cover picks up the layout of the opening spreads for each chapter.

seventies crafts, 70s design, photographic book cover, craft, casewrap

seventies style, 70s craft and design, 1980 photography, graphic design 1970s

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