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I really have no business owning a book with such a smarty-pants title. Designed by Jerry Soling.

Myth Master, 1973

Lovely. The type, I mean.

sci-fi, funky 70s type, 1970s book cover, seventies book jacket, science fiction jacket. sci fi illustration

A detail of the back. Of the book, I mean.

science fiction typography, 1973, seventies font, 70s graphic design

Of course, almost all the Pelicans from this era are cool. But I particularly liked how this is at once super-simple (black and white) yet also really complex in its detailed rendering of the “interference.”

Designed by Enzo Ragazzini.

enzo ragazzini, 70s design, op-art, pelican, sanity madness and family, 1970

circles, condensed serif, john stuart mill, columbia press, 60s book covers, 1960, sixties graphic design

Dilation Effect, 1971

Wow. Trippy. Art by Wilson McLean.

wilson mclean, douglas r. mason, dilation effect, matrix, 70s paperback, seventies sci fi, book cover design, graphic design

Cool—poor placement of text next to spine notwithstanding.

Designed by Will Burtin.

will burtin, 60s book cover design, sixties graphics, religious imagery, science and religion, 1961, collier books, psychology, overprinting

No credit, but it’s Evergreen/Grove

60s graphic design, sixties book cover design, paperback, 1966, psychology, berne, kuhlman, circles

The Light Under Islands, 1967

Don’t love the type, but the graphic is cool—especially blind-stamped on the casewrap.

Designed by Quentin Fiore.

Quentin Fiore, blind stamped, sixties graphic design, 60s design, jacket design, 1967, university of michigan press

sixties jacket design, book cover 1967, Quentin Fiore, radcliffe squires poetry, the light under islands, red and pink

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