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Umschlagentwurf von Hans Schaumberger. (I believe that means Hans Schaumberger did the cover design.)

sixties graphic design, 60s book cover design, germany, piper, hans Schaumberger

german graphic design 60s, 1960s book design

One of my favorite recent finds. (And more dots!)

mit press, 70s math book, seventies graphic design, abstract book cover design, 1970


Cover design by Donald + Ann Crews.

louis hartz, founding of new socitieties, late 60s graphic design, sixties book cover design, 1969 paperback, anthropology, sociology, abstract graphics, dots

Here’s a good lesson: if they ask you to put a huge blurb on the cover, just make that the design.

type-driven book cover, 70s book design, seventies paperback, Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change, victor papanek
Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change, victor papanek, 1973

Love this one. Maybe mostly cuz it came out of the dollar bin outside the store, but still. So geometric. So abstract. So 1974.

70s graphic design, abstract seventies, 1974, keleti, lederer, biological sciences handbook, helvetica light

seventies graphic design, design for science, 70s book design, 1975 molecule illustration, anthropology, charles oxnard, hard cover, book jacket design

1975, atomic illustrations, atoms, molecules, anthropology, science seventies, book design

The Uses of Disorder, 1971


seventies book cover design, sennett, psychology, purple, dots, halftone illustraition, 70s graphic design

Equality, 1971

Love the simplicity of this—the idea and the execution.

Jacket design by Paul May.

equality, minimal design, black and white, 70s book jacket, seventies graphic design

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