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From Chile. Bad printing. Bad paper. So good.

70s chilean graphic design, enrique cury, south american design in the 70s, chile publisher, universidad y estudio

This type is really nice, too:

la Teoría del Delito, black and red

Knowing and Being, 1969

university of chicago press, sixties graphic design, purple, graphic book covers, 60s book design, philosophy, 1969

The Aims of Phenomenology, 1966

Love how subtle this abstract line drawing is. Cover designed by Richard Milone.

60s book cover design, sixties graphic design, richard milone, abstract illustration

sixties book design, 1966 graphic design, harper and row publishers, 60s

60s abstract illustration, richard milone designer, hand drawn op art, sixties design, sixties book cover graphics, harper torchbooks 1966

Jacket design by James Bradford Johnson.

james bradford johnson, typographic collage, 60s book cover, sixties graphic design, wayne c booth

typographic book cover design, type collage 1967

Elementary Nuclear Theory, 1967

Cover design: Davis/Aviles.

60s science book, sixties graphic design, abstract book graphics, davis/aviles, science editions 1967, hans a boethe, philip morrison, abstract graphics, concentric lines, physics

Dom Casmurro

The copy right and intro suggest this is 1953, but it’s hard to believe. In fact, it feels like it could’ve been designed yesterday.

Designed by Sidney Soloman.

50s book cover design, fifties graphic design, dom casmurro, machado de assis, purple, sidney solomon

An Essay on Man, 1962

yale university press, ernst cassirer, thology, philosophy, overprinting, abstract human form, sixties graphics, 60s book cover design

Restless Adventure, 1968

I like the graphic, but also check out the funky, extended riff on Helvetica—most visible in the subtitle.

Jacket design by Ronald Clyne.

60s abstract graphics, sixties book cover design, ronald clyne, existentialism, scribners, roger l shinn, philip p hallie, stanley romaine hopper, roger ortmayer, rollo may, purple, blue

urbanism 60s, sixties book cover graphics, flat, isometric, 3-color graphics, 1965, werner z hirsch, holt rinehart winston

detail, flat graphics, sixties, urbanism, 3-color graphics, holt rinehart and winston inc.

The Crime of Galileo, 1965

Simple and appropriate. Love it.

By Ed and Jane Bedno. Another husband and wife design duo!

60s design, sixties book cover design, 1065, abstract graphics, minimal jacket design

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