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Too bad it’s so faded. I love that the little geometric thingies are hand-drawn.

geometric 70s, abstract seventies graphics, political science book cover, 1974 graphic design, albert somit, dryden press illinois

Egad! Somebody modify that abnormal rectangle’s behavior, quick!

Designed by Edward A. Butler.

seventies book cover design, 70s abstract graphics, squares, boxes, edward a. butler, hans h. strupp, psychology graphics

Power, 1971

Powerful type. Designed by Loretta Li.

champlin, power, designed by loretta li, atherton press, 70s book design, seventies typography, dimensional type

70s type, seventies book design, loretta li, dimensional typography

Liberalism, 1971

Talk about abstract. Design by Harsh/Finegold.

harsh and finegold, oxford, abstract graphics, 70s, seventies book cover design

Jacket design by Willi Baum.

60s design, sixties graphics, book cover design, willi baum

The Hound and Horn, 1966

60s book jacket, sixties graphic design, book cover, abstract graphics, literary journal, leonard greenbaum, mouton and co

Bold cover choice for a “photographic” guide book.

chicago architecture, abstract cover, sixties graphic design

60s book cover design, architecture, abstract graphics

And the end-pages are unexpected, too.

chicago architecture, architectural pattern, 60s graphic design, sixties book design, ornamental

The interior design is excellent—really tight.

university of chicago press, 1965, 1969

Accounting Principles, 1973

A couple years ago, my sister bought me an “upcycled” sketchbook made with the cover (and various internal pages) of this book. I loved it so much, I had to track down an intact copy for my collection, and for to share with you.

accounting textbook, reel to reel, old information technology, early digital, 70s tech, seventies graphic design, book design 1973

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