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Published in Uruguay.

uruguay, spanish religious book, 60s book design in uruguay, latin american graphic design, sixties

sixties graphic design in latin america, book design in uruguay, religious book cover, spanish, Hombre, Ideologia y Revolución en America Latina, 1965

Design of the Housing Site, 1967

I actually passed this by at first, thinking it was new. It looks so fresh and contemporary, it’s still hard to believe it was designed in 1966. By Robert P. Kentgen.

I’m gonna have to shoot the interior for Gridness at some point, too.

university of chicago, architecture, 60s graphic design, sixties abstract book cover, robert kentgen

60s book cover design, sixties architecture book, design of housing site, kentgen, u of i press 1966, 1967

sixties graphic design, 60s book jacket, 1966 architecture book, housing site design, robert p kentgen

In case you’re still hungry after the first course.

textbook, math, mathematics, 70s school book, seventies graphic design, printed casewrap, abstract graphics

seventies book graphics, 70s textbook, sixties graphic design, 60s abstract graphics, mathematics

Those are some funky-lookin’ particles. I like how one makes an appearance on the back.

Designed (interior, at least) by Jo Jones.

seventies graphics, 70s book design, physics cover, abstract jacket, mcgraw hill

michael j. longo, physics book, mcgraw-hill, seventies color, abstract motif

Damn. The type is over-the-top, but the layout is so simple. I wonder if there was a phototype font that had all these amazing ligatures, or if she did it manually. Either way—good stuff.

Designed by Sally Sullivan (the interior, at least.)

sally sullivan, yale university press 70s, seventies graphic design, 1973, typography, ernest l hartmann, sleep studies

seventies typography, seventies type, multi-line type, 1973, multiline, futuristic seventies type, sally sullivan, yale book, typographic book cover

Helvetica. 45° angle. Overprinting. What’s not to love?

I also like how he nestled his design credit in on the back. “David Lawrence Design.”

sixties typographic design, overprint, helvetica, type on an angle, 60s type

helvetica, overprinted type, 60s typography, sixties graphic design, 1969 book cover, David Lawrence Design

Situation Ethics, 1966

Yikes—this situation looks pointy.

sixties abstract graphics, 60s book design, 1966 graphic design

sixties graphic design, 60s abstract graphics, 1966 book cover design, overprint, 3-color graphics

Democracy in India, 1980

“Printed in India at The Ultimate Printing House.” The cover is printed well, but the inside looks pretty terrible…

80s graphic design in india, eighties design and printing new dehli, halftone pattern, abstract graphics india, politics

Man, talk about lipstick on a pig. Pretty cool cover for what’s got to be a painfully boring book.

This edition is 1984, so it may have been designed earlier.

70s and 80s book design, graphic design 80s, abstract graphic book covers

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