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Why Man Takes Chances, 1968

Cover design by George Giusti.

george giusti, sixties design, 60s illustration, book cover design, paperback 1968

The Crucible, 1966

Love when Typography meets Photography. (This is the 1970 printing of the edition started in 1966, so I assume ’66 is when the cover was done.)

the crucible cover from the 60s, sixties graphic design books, sixties book cover design, photographic typography, physical type, burning type

Of course I love me some overprinting shapes, but what I really admire about this is the gutsy decision to force the = in there as the Q, even though it really doesn’t work. That said, it does still read.

Designed by husband and wife team (of course!) James and Ruth McCrea. (A new one for the list…)

70s book design, seventies abstract graphic design, mass market paperback 1973, marriage, psychology, overprinting, magenta, 70s type, husband and wife designers

Another great one from MIT Press. From 1974. No design credits, though from the © page, we know:

This book was set in IBM Composer Univers
by CCI Compositors
printed on Finch Publisher’s Offset,
and bound in G.S.B. S/535/99
by Halliday Lithograph Corp.
in the United States of America

MIT Press, 1974, seventies book jacket, 70s graphic design, terutomo ozawa, factory icon, japanese flag, abstract book cover

Gideon’s Night, 1957

Jacket design by Caroline Harris.

j.j. marric, gideon's night, suspense, harper, fifties book jacket, 50s graphic book cover design, abstract, 1957

I like triangles.

60s abstract graphics, sixties book cover design, brown, orange, overprint, triangle pattern, agricultural policy in an affluent society, ruttan, waldo, houck, 1969, problems of the modern economy, norton

Yuan Mei, 1956

Yep—it’s by Roy Kuhlman.

yuan mei eighteenth century chinese poet, by arthur waley, 50s book design, fifties graphic design, abstract design, roy kuhlman

Yes, 1969

Let’s start out the new year with some serious hippie sh*t. (Did I even need to put the year?) Love the overprinting and the funky slab.

Designed by Michael Manoogian.

psychedelic design, 60s book jacket, hippie design, overprinting

60s graphics, hippie graphic design, psychedelic book cover, michael manoogian, bibi wein

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