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Einstein and Humanism, 1980

Strange one. The layout on the front is a little random, almost cool. The inside is totally typewritten, but the cover’s really printed—maybe done ahead of time and then quickly bound after the conference? Dunno. But I like the little graphic composition.
einstein, abstract graphics, 70s, 80s, eighties graphics, book cover design, aspen institute for humanistic studies

Life After Death, 1962

Jacket design by Bernhard Sperl.

fortress books, philadelphia, 1962, bernhard sperl, klantonen, life after death, 60s book cover design, sixties graphic design

Machine Politics, 1968

Can’t think of a better day to publish this one (election day in Chicago)…

(This printing is actually 1971.)

The Shame of the Cities, 1957

Apparently, us cityfolk should be ashamed of all the little torn scraps of paper we leave laying around.

Designed by Ernst Reichl Associates.

Ernst Reichl Associates, pink and grey, fifties graphic design, 50s book covers, the shame of the cities, 1957, lincoln steffens

Catastrophe Theory, 1978

late 70s graphic design, seventies book design, glowing type, sci-fi type, avon books, discus books, 1978

Something a little different. I know it had a jacket of some kind at one point (someone cut off the flaps and taped them inside!), but I like it this way, with the stamped water and blind-embossed rocks.

japanese books, fifties design japan, 50s book design, blind embossed, cover stamp

blind-embossed book cover, japan 1950s, fifties book design, cloth bound

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