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The Organization Man, 1957

Thought I’d follow up the last post with another minimal typographic cover w/ condensed type. Cover by George Giusti. And interestingly, there’s another credit: “Typography by Edward Gorey“, which I assume is for the (fairly straightforward) interior layout.

george giusti, 50s typography, fifties book cover design

typography by edward gorey, typesetting, 50s, fifties book design, layout

This book cover would never fly today—mainly cuz it’s mainly white! That’s supposedly bad, since it’ll supposedly get filthy.

50s typography, fifties book cover design

The Third Rose, 1961

Yet another gem by our old pal Roy Kuhlman. I like the subtle overprinting of those crisp lines on the photogram-type image.

roy kuhlman, 60s book cover design, sixties graphic design, overprint, photogram, evergreen, purple and red

roy kuhlman, evergreen editions, 1961, the third rose, gertrude stein, malcolm brinnin

Ujamaa, 1979

Too bad about the price sticker—would love to see those AAs! The book originally came out in 1968, but I don’t think Avant Garde was available ’til 1970, so the cover was probably designed for this later reprint.

avant garde, typographic 70s book covers, seventies graphic design

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