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Great pattern. Great colors.
geometric patterns, book cover design 70s, graphic design seventies, addison-wesley books, 1971, womens studies 1970s, pattern design on book covers, 70s

I also dig the Addison-Wesley logo:

publisher logo seventies, 70s logos, geometric type in logos, triangles

Cover design by Andrew Kner.

graphic design 1970s, book cover design seventies, protestant book cover design 1973

religious book design 70s, seventies graphic design, protestant book cover 1973

Edition isn’t dated, but found some references to this edition for 1970, which seems about right.

Cover design by Virginia Smith.

light sans serif, 70s design, seventies book cover design, abstract graphics 1970s

seventies graphics, abstract, sartre book cover 70s, thin sans serif type

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