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Oddly, this book is mostly text.

60s design book, sixties graphic design, abstract art 1964

A small art catalog of cowboy paintings.

western type, 60s graphic design, sixties art catalog, 2-color printing

60s art catalog, exhibition catalog western art, remington and russel, fort worth, 2-color printing 1966, western type

Renderings, 1968

Another cool one by John + Mary Condon.

John + Mary Condon, simon and schuster, 60s abstract graphics, sixties book design

john and mary condon, 60s designers, book cover designers sixties

Love the tight Akzidenz.

60s typography, sixties book cover design, john and mary condon, art book 1968

This blind deboss would be even cooler if it matched the (upper- and lowercase) front and spine.

blind deboss, sixties graphic design, 60s design, casewrap, renderings art book

Crafts, 1980

Something a little different.

This book nicely captures what the 70s looked like to me. The glossy, casewrapped cover picks up the layout of the opening spreads for each chapter.

seventies crafts, 70s design, photographic book cover, craft, casewrap

seventies style, 70s craft and design, 1980 photography, graphic design 1970s

Beckett, 1973

I woulda guessed ’83, but this is ahead of it’s time. And there’s more info on the cover art than damn near every other book on here combined:

“The cover of this book is one of ten views of a kinetic painting, ‘Pyramid’, by Oliver Bevan. The painting is made of transparent materials which only assume colours when illuminated by polarized light. When the plane of polarization is rotated slowly (which happens mechanically in a box designed to display the painting) the colours pass through a recurring cycle of change. Ten points of that cycle have been recorded to provide covers for the third set of ten volumes.”

That means I gotta find 9 more books…

oliver bevan painting, polarized light, Pyramid, fontana publishers, 1973, 70s painting, seventies graphic book covers, a. alvarez, beckett, abstract book cover

The Language of Vision, 1951

Here’s something a little different (earlier than the books I normally feature.) A book that “deals with the present-day problems of visual expression” by the great artist/designer Gyorgy Kepes.

gyorgy kepes, 50s design, fifties art, book graphics, art book, hungarian designer, 1951 advertising design, visual expression, paul theobald and co

E. McKnight Kauffer

Oddly, this is the Whitney Museum Library’s old copy. From 1941.


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