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The Black Cloud, 1960

I’ve been staying away from Penguins lately in favor of more obscure publishers, but this one caught my eye. The “cover drawing by John Griffiths” is a little different for them.

penguin cover, 60s book cover design, sixties graphic design, science fiction cover

Cyrano de Bergerac, 1966

Gotta love this. Design: Gips & Danne.

cyrano, graphic cover, gips and danne, 60s book design, sixties graphic design

60s book cover, sixties graphic design, cyrano de bergerac, bantam 1966

Four Quartets, 1971

Cover design by Ellen Raskin.

four quartets, t.s. eliot, ellen raskin, typographic book cover, 70s design, seventies typography

Sadness, 1980

70s book cover design, 80s type, seventies typography, custom type eighties

The Balcony, 1958

Was thinking I probably had another Roy Kuhlman design laying around here somewhere. Lo and behold: this one just one color. I guess that’s a railing?

roy kuhlman, play, jean genet, 50s book covers, 60s graphic design, fiffties sixties book jackets, grove press.

Krapp’s Last Tape, 1960

Boy, Roy Kuhlman sure was having fun over there at Evergreen…

roy kuhlman, book cover design 60s, sixties graphic design, evergreen, typographic

Also, I love finding hidden little treats from the past, like someone’s addition to the half title here…

book worship

Pudd’nhead Wilson, 1955

This is the 8th printing of this, but I imagine it’s the same cover as ’55. Another nice one from Evergreen/Grove, and quite possibly our pal Roy


Modern French Literature, 1967

Aaaah, I loves me a nice Albers knock-off.

The copyright page design credit is for John O. C. McCrillis, but I think that’s just the inside.

albers, 60s graphic design, sixties book covers, modern french literature, yale press, John O. C. McCrillis


Seen a couple comments/inquires out there about the typeface. I WISH I knew what it was. It’s great. Just for kicks, I scanned the spine so you could see some more of it…

cool type detail, extended, quirky, sans

The Transposed Heads, 1959

By Mr. Rand.

paul rand, 50s book cover design, fifties graphic design

I love the simple yellow back:

paul rand, late fifties graphic design, sixties book cover, 50s paul rand designer, vintage book, process yellow

The Victim, 1965

Super-tight Helvetica.

helvetica, 60s book design, saul bellow, minimalist book cover design, sixties graphic design

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