Turner / Bolton / Webb, 1965

Present Past Past Present, 1971

No design credit. But it’s Grove Press/Evergreen, so it might be Roy again.

Yet another great Roy Kuhlman design. Though this one’s a bit different for him.

Knowledge and Wonder, 1963

I think this is the last of the ones I have from the “Science Study Series.” Cover design by David Palm.

This Cybernetic World, 1973

Cover design by Fred Troller. Another one from Anchor Books’ “Science Study Series.”

Boy, is his face red:

Water, The Mirror of Science, 1961.

Cover design by our pal George Giusti.

He really made the most of two colors:

There are a lot of cool covers in this “Science Study Series” from Anchor Books.

The Existentialists, 1968

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